Getting published is hard.
Getting your manuscript ready shouldn’t be. 

Every manuscript needs a good editor. Breaking into the publishing world is daunting – most publishing houses don’t even finish the first page of the novels on their desk before chucking them in the rejection bin. Submitting a manuscript that’s riddled with errors is a huge mistake.

Give your book a chance.

As a professional editor, my job is multifold. I can help the development of your concept and the structure of your novel. I can ensure your ideas flow logically from one to the next. I can suggest improvements in wording. I can weed out stylistic inconsistencies and hunt down even the tiniest of errors of spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

In short, you’ll be proud to submit your book to any publisher.

eBooks and Self-Publishing

If you're preparing your book for self-publishing, having a good editor is even more vital, as there's nothing else standing between your novel and the eyes of your audience. Beyond proofreading, copy-editing, and developmental editing services, I also offer eBook formatting and assistance for every stage of the self-publishing process. 

What kinds of manuscripts do you edit?

All kinds! The majority of my clients have written fiction, but I'm well-versed in editing non-fiction, too. A quick list of the genres I've edited include:

  • Realistic fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Dramas
  • Memoirs
  • Short story collections
  • Science fiction
  • Murder mysteries
  • Young adult

What kind of editing do I need?

Some authors approach me already certain of the kind of editing they need. Others are less sure. To help you decide what kind of editing your manuscript needs, see the following pages that explain the difference between the levels of editing that I offer:

How does the editing process work?

Depending on the level of editing that you require, the editor may work closely with you in developing your manuscript, or the editor may work largely independently and return the manuscript once it’s been corrected. The amount of interaction with the editor is determined completely by your needs. 

At August Editorial, I am committed to meeting your deadlines and staying within your budget, all while keeping to the highest standards of quality.

For more details on the editing process, please see our page, How the Process Works.

Why hire August Editorial?

Words matter to me. I have an honours degree in Liberal Studies with a heavy focus in English, journalism, and linguistics. I’ve also taken editing- and writing-specific courses such as book editing, magazine editing, and copywriting. I’m continually looking for opportunities to improve my skills, my experience, and add professional qualifications to my resumé. 

Since 2011, August Editorial has been operating in Brighton and Hove. For the last three years, I’ve provided editing and proofreading services to satisfied clients across the UK. For more about my credentials, please click here.

For testimonials from happy customers, please click here.

But don’t take my word for it…

Editing can be a major investment, but it might be the best one you ever make. Contact me today for a free 200-word trial of my editing work. Send me your manuscript (of any length) via email, and I’ll return it to you with the first 200 words edited. It only takes a moment – take the first step in making your manuscript the best it can be.

But hurry – because my services are so intensive, I can only handle a few clients at a time. If your manuscript can benefit from a solid editing, contact me today. 


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