My name is Jenny Prince-Chrisley, and I'm the face behind August Editorial.

Professionally trained as an editor, I believe that it’s crucial that every word is carefully chosen before being presented to the world. In fact, I believe that words are more important now than ever before.


The world we live in is changing at a rapid rate. Long gone are the days of shopping only within our own neighborhood. Today we live in a global community. Thanks to the internet and social media, individuals and organizations are more connected now than ever.

Words matter to me. I have an honours degree in Liberal Studies with a heavy focus in English, journalism, and linguistics. I’ve also taken editing- and writing-specific courses such as book editing, magazine editing, and copywriting. I’m continually looking for opportunities to improve my skills, my experience, and add professional qualifications to my resumé.

Since 2011, August Editorial has been operating in Brighton and Hove. For the last three years I’ve provided editing and proofreading services to satisfied clients across the UK.

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Due to the intensive nature of my services, I can only accommodate a handful of clients at any one time. If you want to ensure your manuscript is everything that it should be, contact me today.   


August Editorial, 25-27 Eaton Place, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 1EG, T: 07771 767300