Depending on the level of editing that you require, the editor may work closely with you in developing your manuscript, or the editor may work largely independently and return the manuscript once it’s been corrected. The amount of interaction with the editor is determined completely by your needs.

At August Editorial, I am committed to meeting your deadlines and staying within your budget, all while keeping to the highest standards of quality. 

Most importantly, no changes are ever made without your approval. From the moment you send me your manuscript, every alteration and suggestion will be flagged with "Track Changes", allowing you to approve every editorial suggestion before it's incorporated into the final document.

How it works

First, you'll send me your manuscript, either by email (preferred) or by post. I'll review it, and together we'll agree on a price and a project delivery schedule. The delivery schedule is designed specifically to suit your needs – it may be that you would like one chapter to be edited at a time in order to incorporate the suggestions into subsequent chapters. Or it may be that you need the entire document edited and proofread quickly. Whatever your needs, we can create a delivery schedule to suit you.

When one portion of the delivery schedule is completed, I will send the edited version of the document back to you to review. At this point you can accept, reject, or question any of the proposed changes I've made. I've had many long discussions with authors over the relative benefits of specific changes – it's always fine to have your own opinion!

If you need more than one level of editing, then once you've finished reviewing the editorial suggestions, you will then resubmit your manuscript for the next stage. For example, if we were working together in a developmental context, you may then wish to have your manuscript copy-edited, then proofread. 

The editing and review process will continue until the entire document is completed to your satisfaction.

Why hire August Editorial?

Words matter to me. I have an honours degree in Liberal Studies with a heavy focus in English, journalism, and linguistics. I’ve also taken editing- and writing-specific courses such as book editing, magazine editing, and copywriting. I’m continually looking for opportunities to improve my skills, my experience, and add professional qualifications to my resumé. For more about me and my credentials, please click here.

Since 2011, August Editorial has been operating in Brighton and Hove. For the last three years, I’ve provided editing and proofreading services to satisfied clients across the UK. 

For testimonials from happy customers, please click here.

But don’t take my word for it…

Editing can be a major investment, but it might be the best one you ever make. Contact me today for a free 200-word trial of my editing work. Send me your manuscript via email, and I’ll return it to you with the first 200 words edited. It only takes a moment – take the first step in making your manuscript the best it can be.

But hurry – because my services are so intensive, I can only handle a few clients at a time. If your manuscript can benefit from a solid editing, contact me today.


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