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Who doesn’t want to make more money?

Too few business owners understand how to sell. We live in a world that can connect a business in the UK with a customer in Japan, giving us the opportunity to make more money than ever before. But most businesses still fail in their first year.

The products are often top-notch. The business owner is 
often slaving away to give the customers what they want and 
keep them happy.

Then why do most businesses fail?

Because bad advertisements far outnumber the good ones.

Most businesses fade into the background. We live in a world that’s more connected than ever – but competition is stiffer than ever, too. We have to find a way to be unique, to make an impression, to get the customer to buy from us instead of the other guy. And what’s the main way that we communicate with each other in this modern, connected world?

Through the written word.

Some things about advertising are obvious – like having a great photo to go with your ad, for instance. Images are extremely important. They lure the customer to your ad like the smell of honey lures a fly. But the image isn’t what traps the customer. It’s the written word. 

Too many business owners write their own advertisements and web copy, thinking their product will speak for itself. They couldn’t be more wrong. If you spend money on advertising without spending money on good writing, you might as well just flush your cash down the toilet.

Most customers spend less than one second looking at your ad.

It’s vital that the words you choose to represent your business captivate, electrify, and intrigue. You have less than one second to sell your product and you want your words to work as hard as they can.

Consider this: your entire income rests on the words you choose. Don’t you want your words to be the best?

Stand out from the crowd.

As a professional copywriter, I’m an expert in choosing the right words for your business. I’m trained to make your ad leap off the page. I can write copy that will stand out from the rest and put the customer’s money in your pocket.
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My services aren't limited to advertisements. Having the right words on your website is just as important to keep clients clicking. Read on for all of the different services a copywriter can provide.

Business writing services I offer:

  • Advertising copy
  • Website copy - SEO optimized!
  • Press releases
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Promotional materials
  • Sales letters
  • And more!

Don’t waste your time, effort, and money on bad advertising.

Don’t be one of the failures. Choosing to hire a professional copywriter is probably the best investment you can make. Hire me to write your adverts for you. But hurry – because of the intensive nature of my services, my time is severely limited. If you want to revolutionize your advertising and get the money rolling in, contact me today. 

See our packages and pricing here. New businesses and small businesses receive a 25% discount off their first order! 

 Why hire August Editorial?

Words matter to me. I have an honours degree in Liberal Studies with a heavy focus in English, journalism, and linguistics. I’ve also taken editing- and writing-specific courses such as book editing, magazine editing, and copywriting. I’m continually looking for opportunities to improve my skills, my experience, and add professional qualifications to my resumé. 

Since 2011, August Editorial has been operating in Brighton and Hove. In the last two years, I’ve provided editing, proofreading and copywriting services to satisfied clients across the UK. For more about my credentials, please click here.

For more testimonials from happy customers, please click here.

You know exactly whom you’re hiring

Don't put your money in the hands of a faceless corporation. At August Editorial, you know exactly whom you’re hiring, and I’ll be in communication with you every step of the way. And unlike most companies, my fees are reasonable, and you’ll know exactly what you’re going to pay before you hire me – there are never any hidden costs. 

But hurry – because my services are so intensive, my time fills up quickly. If you want to revitalize your business, contact me today. 


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