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The following categories are for writers in the Brighton and Hove area. Do you know of a writing group, creative writing course, or other writing organization that should be added to the list? Drop me a line.

  • Brighton NightWriters

    Currently meeting on Wednesdays at 7:30pm at the Duke of Beaufort in Hanover. According to their website, "Membership remains buoyant, but new writers - whether aspiring, perspiring, inspiring or expiring - are always very welcome."  

    www.nightwriters.org.uk  map

  • WriteClub

    Formed in 2009, WriteClub now hosts twice-monthly meetings for writers of all kinds. 

    Mornings: 1st Thursday of the month at 10am Café Delice. map
    Evenings: 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30pm at the Earth and Stars. map

    Follow @writeclub_uk on Twitter for up-to-date information on meetups.


  • Brighton Plot Bunnies

    The Brighton Plot Bunnies are a private group of writers that meet at the Caxton Arms on the first and third Tuesday of the month. Each month has a new writing challenge, and according to their site, "On the first Tuesday, we tend to talk about what we're writing, and on the third, about what we're reading. But that's more of a guideline than a rule; in practice, we tend to mix it up a bit."

    New members are welcome, but keep in mind that the group is private, so contact the administrator via their website before showing up for a meeting.

    www.brighton.plotbunnies.co.uk map

  • Write Together in Brighton

    From their group page: "The format is simple: a host organises a session anywhere comfortable, e.g. in a café or peaceful pub, in their lounge, or maybe in a random nearby village. We then write for an hour and a half straight. We work on our own and set our own targets. What you write is up to you."

    Join the Meetup group for updates on future meetings.


  • Brighton and Hove Libraries

    The local libraries have now teamed up with New Writing South to offer creative support for new writers at no cost. Those who attend will also find access to myriad resources for new writers, including information about writing workshops in the area, additional writing groups and other literary events. 

    Hove Library - 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 11am - 1pm. Phone 01273 296937 before attending. 
    Portslade Library - Currently full. Phone 01273 296914 to be placed on the wait list.

    Royal Pavilion, Museums & Libraries: Adult Writing Groups

  • Introduction to Creative Writing: Art, Design and Craft of Writing - University of Brighton

    Duration: 10 weeks

    Offered through the Work Write Live initiative at the University of Brighton, this course meets once a week in the evening for ten weeks. The course description states, "With 10 weekly evening workshops on different genres and approaches, you will learn how to improve your creative writing skills by expanding your range of expression and by understanding the underlying design and craft of good writing."

    course website

  • Creative Writing Programme - The Writers' Place

    Duration: two years (one morning or evening per week for 25 weeks per year)

    After many successful years at the University of Sussex, the Creative Writing Programme is now being offered at The Writers' Place in conjunction with New Writing South. The two-year course "has been carefully designed to develop your understanding of the craft of writing, to provide you with the support and structure you need to push your skills to another level and to complete a planned writing project." Tutors help writers set realistic goals in completing their novel or other original work.  

    Full details can be viewed on their website.

    course website

  • Dynamic Writing Programme - The Writer's Place

    Duration: one year (one morning or evening per week for 25 weeks)

    From the course description:

    "You will be taught how to format scripts, how to utilise the technical and practical characteristics of these different forms and how to work creatively within them. Starting with the essential skills of stagecraft you will learn how to develop characters and storylines that are resonant, coherent and built around dramatic tension. You will then, in the spring term, apply what you have learned to the screen; to more episodic and filmic narrative. In the summer term you will be encouraged to take one of your first draft pieces from the first two terms and through reading and discussion in script development workshops, develop them into a second draft.

    By the end of the programme you will have developed a strong working knowledge of scriptwriting technique; written your own scripts and had them critically reviewed; gained a deeper insight into professional practice and had an opportunity to meet and work with professional writers."

    course website

  • Advanced Writing Workshops - The Writers' Place, in collaboration with New Writing South

    Duration: one year (one morning or evening per month)

    Offered through the Creative Writing Programme with New Writing South, the Advanced Writing Workshops are intended for writers who have previously completed a creative writing programme at the graduate or undergraduate level.

    According to the course details, "Every month the groups will meet to explore and discuss aspects of writing technique. These sessions will be facilitated and run by the writing tutor though there will be opportunities for writers to present work, ideas and practical exercises should they so wish. The emphasis will be on practical writing in the class as well as on opportunities to review and discuss work in progress. You will be given further writing exercises after each session to develop your understanding of the key areas of technique studied. The format is designed to be flexible and to allow writers in the group to suggest potential topics as the course progresses." 

    course website

  • Write Away! Creative Writing for Beginners - City College Brighton and Hove

    Duration: 10 weeks (course full for 2014 entry)

    This evening course for beginners offer to "explore techniques for sparking the imagination and tapping your inner creativity as well as developing skills and improving style."

    course website

  • The Writers' Room 10 Week Course

    Duration: 10 weeks

    This course is designed to support writers in the completion of a written work. It provides a combination of writing exercises, discussion of the creative process, and includes visits from authors, publishers, and agents. It meets every Tuesday evening from 8-10:30pm.

    course website

  • Creative Writing MA - University of Brighton

    Duration: 1 year full-time, 2 years part-time

    From the University of Brighton website:

    "At Brighton we encourage writing that helps readers and writers to understand, shape and connect with the world beyond the classroom. Working with experienced tutors and professional writers, students will develop writing skills and enhance their creative processes in order to produce and share stories in a variety of genres.

    Students will take part in dynamic creative workshops where you will partner supportive tutors and work with inter-disciplinary postgraduate groups on creative projects to develop theories and practices linked to your writing. People with experience of creative writing who wish to develop their skill and also those wishing to enliven their professional practice with enhanced creative and writing experience should consider applying for this course. Unlike existing creative writing courses, at Brighton our aim is to produce students who feel prepared and able to pursue their careers within the creative industries, as freelancers, self-employed or as a ‘portfolio’ worker."

    course website

  • New Writing South

    The largest organization for writers in the South of England and sponsored by Arts Council England, New Writing South offers a diverse array of resources for writers of all ages such as workshops, funding, and the chance to network with other writers and those involved in the industry.

    In their own words, "New Writing South is the pre-eminent creative writing hub in south-east England, dedicated to inspiring, nurturing and connecting all kinds of excellent creative writers.  Our community of writers embraces those who are professional, mid-career, emerging or just starting out; and includes authors, playwrights, poets, radio dramatists, bloggers, screenwriters and more."

    To become a member or view upcoming events, visit their website.


  • The Creative Writing Programme

    The Creative Writing Programme was originally a university-level programme offered through the University of Sussex, but is now an organization in its own right. It continues to offer the two-year creative writing course as well as poetry, dramatic writing, and advanced-level courses. The organization also provides networking opportunities for writers to meet agents and other members of the publishing industry.

    Their website states, "With years of experience of teaching creative writing and an extensive knowledge of the publishing world behind them our tutors are personally and professionally committed to helping you realise your potential as a writer. You will work with a small group of other writers, meeting on a weekly basis, with one-to-one tutorials and occasional Saturday schools, all supported through our interactive course pages on our Creative Writing Programme website. You will be introduced to writers and literary agents and when you have finished the programme and are producing work to publish or perform, you will be able to join one of our Advanced Writing groups and work alongside other committed and published writers." 


  • Work Write Live

    An award-winning initiative, Work Write Live has been running since 2006 at the University of Brighton. The initiative offers a variety of writing courses, workshops, and one-to-one mentoring to help writers develop their creative process.  According to their website, "Work Write Live uses innovative writing techniques, established learning and teaching methods, and coaching strategies to help participants' enhance their writing and their personal/professional development."


  • Grit Lit: Writing with Bite 

    Voted Best Literature Event for the Brighton Fringe in 2010, Grit Lit is a twice-annual literary night that features writing "from the edgier side of the tracks". Eight authors read their work in 15-minute slots. Fiction and non-fiction authors can submit to read their work (deadline for the May 2014 Grit Lit has already passed), or just show up to get a taste of Brighton's cutting-edge writing.

    The next Grit Lit will be held on Thursday, 8 May at Redroaster Coffeehouse. Tickets available via their website. 


  • Story Scavenger

    Wendy Ann Greenhalgh, Story Scavenger's creator, offers a mix of writing workshops (some free, some paid), one-to-one coaching and mentoring, and, of course, the Story Scavenger Hunt, where everyday objects and places become inspiration for participants stories. Greenhalgh says, "All writers are scavengers. We gather the scraps of our lives, and steal pieces of other people's too - and turn them into words. Story Scavengers are treasure hunters, adventurers, eavesdroppers, pirates, hijackers, poets, dreamers. Story Scavenging is about taking writing out of the classroom and away from the desk, it's about discovering and exploring and trying something new. Most of all it should be fun."

    Visit the Story Scavenger website for more information.


  • Brighton Writers Retreat

    Developed to help Brighton writers stay procrastination and keep the word count up, the Brighton Writers Retreat offers periodic writing workshops and the opportunity to set a weekly writing goal on Twitter.

    Set your writing targets with #writegoal every Sunday from 8-8:30pm. See this page for more details.


  • The Writers' Room

    Founded by authors Lizzie Enfield and Araminta Hall, The Writers' Room offers a variety of workshops and writing courses to kickstart the writing process. Other services include one-to-one mentoring and manuscript appraisal.

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