Proofreading & Copy-editing Rates

Proofreading: £22.50 per hour

Copy-editing: £30 per hour

Standard Turnaround

Please contact me for availability. It's best to get in touch as soon as possible to reserve space, as during the busy season I can be booked up for several weeks. However, if you need your document edited urgently, do get in touch to see if arrangements can be made.

Rush delivery for urgent projects:

Urgent projects that require evening or weekend editing will be subject to a 40% additional charge.

Developmental & Substantive Editing

I offer several packages depending on the level and amount of editing that you need. Please note that developmental and substantive editing does not include proofreading. 

Full manuscript critiques: £625

Complete chapter-by-chapter outlines that evaluate narrative arc and character development. These outlines include a broad overview of themes presented in the story and where they occur, and can be tailored to focus on any literary element that you wish to have improved.
Please contact me for sample manuscript critiques that I've completed for previous clients (all privacy is protected).
*This price only applies to manuscripts under 100,000 words. Longer manuscripts are an additional £10 per 1000 words.

Structural analysis (manuscript outline): £225

Particularly useful for non-fiction authors, my structural analysis will tell you how best to organize your proposed chapters and content. I will also indicate if any content should be considered for removal or whether additional content should be included. This is applicable to manuscripts that are still in the planning or outline phase. For complete or partially complete manuscripts, see below.

Structural analysis (complete manuscript): £475

This is a full-scale version of the above. All chapters and their content will be considered in the organizational process to ensure your manuscript flows logically from one chapter and idea to the next. Content will be analyzed on the basis of necessity, clarity, and sense, and suggestions may be made for additional content if needed. This is applicable to completed or partially completed manuscripts.

Line editing: £45 per hour

Editing that addresses word choice and structural organization at the sentence level. This is a very detailed and intensive level of editing.

Contact me today for a free 200-word copy editing trial. Send me your manuscript (of any length) via email, and I’ll return it to you with the first 200 words edited. It only takes a moment – take the first step in making your manuscript the best it can be. 


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